The familiar smell of Print Journalism / Ep. 3: Willie Pete / by Rollie Agado


Three take-away’s from the Newsroom’s 3rd Episode: Willie Pete.

1.) “Is it true that Book Agents beat their wives?”  A throw away line from last nights episode but I did some extensive google searches this morning and came up with bupkis.  

2.) Will MacAvoy dropped his 3rd music reference in as many episodes this season…  Heartache Tonight - by the Eagles.  I wonder if we’ll be getting one for every episode this season?

3.) In the closing moments of episode three, translated twitter posts are arriving into the ACN Newsdesk Fax Machine.  Confirmation of Operation Genoa is starring back blankly and for just a few moments… I sensed something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I once had the privilege of working in a small newsroom.  When I moved back from Detroit to Texas, I got hired by the Valley Morning Star to edit and publish their online web content.

It remains to this day, the place of employment that I enjoyed most.  The pay was terrible and I didn’t really stay there long enough to maybe learn to dislike it…  but there were elements of that job that I’ve never been able to find at other places of employment.

One night, at the Valley Morning Star…  a story leaked into our newsroom about an inmate who passed away in his holding cell.  There was a great deal of work that needed to be done by the news desk before writing up a story.  

An indescribable sense of responsibility fills the room… this is the familiar smell of breaking something in Print.

Broadcast news occasionally does investigative journalism and last nights episode sorta gives you a glimpse of that.  But the familiar smell of print journalism is what I’ll remember most about Ep. 3 - Willie Pete