Team Full of Quitters (a.k.a.) How Rollie lost Reality Fantasy : Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado

When this reality fantasy league ends in a few weeks… I’m going to look back at week 8 and dwell on how two of my cast mates cost me my Fantasy Reality Championship.

Enough pouting… onto the re-cap:

Team Joker: 65 points
Team Ro Ro: -45 points

How can there be such a disparity in points?  Allow me to me explain…

Top 3 Ballerz of the Week

40 points - Camilla
10 points - winning Challenge
25 points - Verbal Fighting w/ Knight, Jemmye, Johnny, Frank, CT - At the SAME FUCKING time.

During said spat, she had to be restrained from killing Johnny Bananas.  If I remember correctly, she was upset that he made her out to be a psycho.

Want to give a shout out to Camilla : I love you girl!  Love is a contact sport and nothing would make me happier than you have you cause a scene in public because of my male behavior.  


I know that you’re going to snap off again this season…  my biggest fear is that you’ll strip naked / throw a drink / and connect on a punch before getting booted from the Challenge house.  Thus, cementing my sisters Reality Fantasy title for 2013.

15 points - Jemmye
10 points - Winning Challenge
5 points - Verbal fight  w/Knight

10 Points - Cara Maria & Cooke
10 points winning elimination challenge

4th visit to the Jungle this season and this is their 3rd elimination win.  This is the only team I’m actively rooting for now this season.  Big ups to Cooke for allowing CT and Knight to 4 hand grope her at once.  You are officially a finalist for Rookie of the year.

Quitters: lost a combined 50 points because of Marlon and Preston this week… want to quickly say “fuck you”.