Thom Wilson

The Offspring - SMASH by Rollie Agado

So I'm listening to what I hope is the last album released in 1994 for a while...   the album is "SMASH" from the Offspring.  A band that nicely fit somewhere between Green Day and Rancid for me.   

I learned about the band on an episode of Headbangers Ball.  I think Gene Simmons was being interviewed by Riki Rachtman before KISS kicked off a tour in Lubbock, Texas.  Gene looked into the camera and gave a rave review for the band... he informed me that if I didn't know where they were, I should get my shit together and pick up their album.

The video for Self-Esteam was aired and found it to be pretty catchy.   When I picked up the album I remember really gravitating to three songs.  

Stand out tracks:

Bad Habit - A song about murderous road rage.  

Come Out and Play - I'm in the tank for just about anything that makes a reference to the Warriors.  The track also featured a cholo who would occasionally chime in with a "you gotta keep'm separated"

Self - Esteem - I really wish I could listen to this song and enjoy it the way I did before I listened to the song and really let the lyrics sync in.  I have countless fucking albums that deal with the subject of investing love in shitty people, but for some reason this song has always cut me to the core.  I've never been in a relationship with someone who I knowingly knew that slept with all my friends...  but there's a lyric at the end of the song about how this girl would come around knocking late at night drunk and you make the mistake of letting her in.

This...  I'm guilty of.

Artists: The Offspring
Album: SMASH
Producer: Thom Wilson
Label: Epitaph  (random fact: this is the highest selling indie album of all time)
Recorded: Track Record