The Who

The Who - Who's Next by Rollie Agado

15 minutes till Midnight and care to take a guess where I'm typing this entry from?  

This work week has been truly unforgiving... due largely in part to working with a big group of people, I have continued to listen to "classic" albums so that everyone can enjoy the shared tunes.

Tonight's selection is The Who's "Who's Next".  One of my favorite albums to listen to on headphones so that I can pick out all the amazing layers of fucking rock.

I'm sorta torn between diving into a long stream of conscious entry about this album or to turn my attention back to work so that I can get home a decent hour...

I'm leaning towards the latter.  There's really nothing that I can say about this album that hasn't been said before.

This album has a deep cut that I have always enjoyed listening too. Going Mobile 

Other Stand out Tracks:

Artists: The Who
Album: Who's Next
Producer: The Who, Glyn Johns
Label: Decca
Recorded: Olympic Studios, Stargroves