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Invite Only Costume Party & all things The Challenge Reality Fantasy Week 2 by Rollie Agado

Saw the show on the night that it aired, but I haven't had a chance to recap the show until this evening.   I can't stress how much I love the shows new format.

I ride and die with Camila 

It has completely turned the house upside down.  It's completely turned the Reality Fantasy League upside down!   The best team in our league just had 2 of her characters face off in the elimination challenge and of them (Frank) has been sent to the "Jungle" for a second consecutive week.

CLICK HERE for: Updated Scores and Rules

It almost makes sense to have weaker players on your roster because teams are going to continue sending the best players into the elimination to make it easier to complete the game.

I fucking LOVE this show.

Ballerz of the Week

Nany - 65 points
Nany, had a quality game and if she continues to perform well in the challenges, I think she has chance to lead the league in scoring.  She picked up 25 points for throwing a swing and slightly connecting on my Reality Fantasy Boo - Camila.  10 points for verbally fighting with CT and my Boo.  5 points for Crying... 5 points for kissing and 20 points for being drunk enough to start all the problems I described above.

Camila - 45 points
What's great about Camila is that we can always count on her having an emotional outburst like we saw in last weeks episode.  I can't believe that she didn't hook up with anyone after attending the Costume Party in a Catwoman costume.  Camila picked up 20 points for being wasted.  10 points for telling us that she's not on the show to make friends. 5 points for crying and another 10 points for verbally fighting with CT and Nany.  


Bottles and Bottles All Nite & all things The Challenge Reality Fantasy Week 1 by Rollie Agado


Order has finally been restored in the Reality TV world.  Tonights episode got off to an amazing start. I can't believe that I had never thought of merging "stripping" and "basketball" until this evening.  

To see Rules and Team Scores Click Here

CT squared up against Theresa and the two agreed to play to 10 points.  After each score, the opponent had to take off an article of clothing.   Shortly after winning the game, CT was presented with a chilled bottle of Vodka.   Not water boys and girls...  VODKA.  

Vodka is for CLOSERS.  

Vodka is for CLOSERS.  

If the show allowed fans to pay money, so that they could see web feeds of the Challenge House - I would pay $49.99 to happily see and not get audio of the real-time footage for the season.   Make this happen Bunim/Murray.  Make this HAPPEN.

The first episode has way to much stuff to fully explore.  There's over 20 characters to follow, so I won't spend too much time recapping the activities.

The first challenge of the season was pretty awesome tho'.  It consisted of splitting the cast into 2 large teams.  Then breaking the team into 3 small groups to climb 42 flights of stairs - which resulted in a strange race/brawl.  After the stair climb was done, the groups then had to hand a key over to the second group so that they could solve a puzzle...   that group then relayed another key to the third group which was asked to walk on a rolling log suspended 42 stories above the ground to pick up a flag and ring a bell.

Camila is equal parts my spirit animal & the reality tv personality I most badly want to sleep with.  I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Camila is equal parts my spirit animal & the reality tv personality I most badly want to sleep with.  I LOVE YOU GIRL!

I fucking love this show.

The loosing team (half the house) was officially up to go into the elimination challenge/jungle...  Tonight's elimination involved shoulder pads, a sand pit and stuffing a ball into a trash can for points.   I'd explain it in further detail, but it defeats the purpose of you dropping everything you're doing and just watch the show.

Baller of the week.

LaToya - 55 points
LaToya fucking brought it in week 1 of the Challenge.  She picked up 20 points for causing the arrival of a vehicle with a Siren.  25 points for getting TJ to say "you killed it" and an additional 10 points for winning an elimination challenge.

LaToya is a BEAST.

LaToya is a BEAST.

The Challenge: Free Agents - Reality Fantasy DRAFT by Rollie Agado

We're only 5 days away from the Challenge returning to television and my office mates can't contain our excitement!   We conducted our Reality Fantasy draft on Thursday, here's the breakdown on what occurred...

Link to Complete Rules and Team Breakdowns 

The festivities began with the drawing of straws...  I picked the shortest straw so I ended up with the 5th & 6th pick of the snake draft.   

Round 1 Picks

1st Overall Pick of the 2014 Challenge Fantasy League Draft: Hurricane Nia -  by Team Jaime.  Before we delve into how this was a COMPLETE shock to everyone in attendance, Jaime is new to our office, new to the league and new to the show.   She did however pick a player with a freakishly high ceiling.  Hurricane Nia would have likely gone in the top 10.  Nia is a 4 tool player: Drinker, Confrontational, Emotional and Promiscuous.  I'm down grading her on "physical specimen"...  I suspect she'll be lazy and I don't think she has the chops to stay in the game long enough to win.  She's earned the nickname "Hurricane" for a reason tho'.  Nia will undoubtedly turn the house upside down. 

Team Jaime later went on to pick: Aneesa, LaToya, Jemmye, Brandon.  
Overall draft grade: B- 

2nd Overall Pick of the Draft: CT - Team Sylvia
Sylvia just placed third in our Reality Fantasy Real World Ex-Plosions league.  She's a lifetime viewer of the Challenge, which will undoubtedly help her putting together a quality team.  Having CT fall into your lap is like tripping over a pile of gold bars on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack.   I can't say enough about CT.  I've never had him on any of my fantasy teams, but he was atop my short list of round 1 depth chart players.  I'm especially worried about how he will behave with Diem off the show.  This pretty much means he will likely try to get with every girl in the house that likes a "bad boy".  

I just threw up a little in my mouth...  

Team Sylvia later went on to pick: Camila, Isaac, Jasmine, Swift
Overall draft Grade: A 

3rd Overall Pick of the Draft: Frank - Team Glenda
Glenda is also new to the league and is has been watching the Real World/Challenge for over a decade.   She's been wanting to join this league since she caught wind of us playing last year and she put together a team that I think is built to win it all.   Frank in my opinion brings you the best bang for buck in Reality Fantasy.  He's a 5 tool player: Physical Specimen, Emotional, Confrontational, Drinker and Sexually Promiscuous.  He was in a relationship in the last season of the Challenge... his upside is limitless really.  I suspect that he will be out to prove that he's not one to push around after what happened last year with Knight.

Team Glenda later went on to pick: Dustin, Nany, Leroy, Jonna
Overall Draft Grade: A+

4th Pick of the Draft: Laurel - by Team Ashley
Ashley is our defending Reality Fantasy CHALLENGE champion.  In my opinion she took the best available player on the board...  I was hoping that she reached for a male contestant so that I could potentially pick up the best female participant on the show.   She's reached the final of every Challenge she's ever participated in and she will undoubtedly do fine without having to worry about being saddled with a teammate.  

Team Ashley later went on to pick: Cara Maria, Jordan, Chet, Theresa 
Overall Draft Grade: B+

Last pick of the first round: Johnny Bananas by Team Ro Ro
Picked up Johnny Bananas because he's a safe bet to go far in the Challenge.  He's a 4 time overall winner and he reached the finals last season.   Having a character active throughout the show is just as valuable has having a character score a lot of points but ultimately leave the show after 3 weeks.  My biggest fear is that he doesn't connect and establish friends with younger cast mates quickly.  He's quickly becoming one of the older members in the Challenge House.  The young will undoubtedly be out to extinguish him.

Team Ro Ro later went on to pick: Zack, Cohutta, Johnny (Portland) and Jessica (Portland)
Overall Grade: A-