#4 Album of 2014, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only by Seahaven by Rollie Agado

When I put together my best of list in 2013, I made one very regrettable mistake.  I should have made my #3 album of the year - Pretend to Be Brave by Boat, my definitive #1 album of the year.  I feel really good about my #1 pick this year, but the only album in my top ten that gives me any pause is this album by Seahaven.

It’s one of those kinda records that has a sonic tapestry that kinda reminded me of Sunny Day Real Estate records in the 90’s.  I say that because their records kinda had distinctive sounds and you knew what kinda journey you were going to embark on when you sat through the first couple minutes of the opening track.

The skies are grey this New Years Eve morning and I can’t think of a better album to have on right now.

Recommended tracks:

Seahaven - Goodnight by Rollie Agado

Having to pen this entry again... managed to loose it somehow last week.  Which sucks because I weighed in on the album and I also weighed in on their performance at the Karova.

I wish I had kept a draft of the entry some where, but I keyed the entry up on the CMS website tool and I apparently discarded the entry instead of "saving" the entry.


Anyhoo - in preparation for the show, I decided to listen to some earlier material by Seahaven.  I really love their new album and I kinda wondered what their earlier stuff sounded like.

It kinda reminds me a little bit of the Brand New...   but in a good way.

Standout tracks: 

The band was great live too.

Seahaven - Winter Forever by Rollie Agado

In preparation for tonights Seahaven show at the Korova, I am taking a few moments at the office to hear some material from their earlier albums.

I can't say enough about their album: Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only.  It's one of my favorite releases of 2014 and I'm looking insanely forward to seeing them perform a number of songs from this album live.

After listening to a number of tracks off of Winter Forever - I'm actually getting  a little extra pumped to also hear some of their earlier material.  I kinda liken it to a lot of the stuff I listened to in college.  


It's kinda hard to not single out a number of obvious contemporary influences when listening to this record.  That being said - it still has a number of great tracks on it.

Standout tracks:


Just got back from seeing Seahaven perform live...  the show was great.  The band was a little younger than I had anticipated, but they managed to pull off a show that showcased their chops.

It's kinda hard to talk about this band and not focus in on frontman Kyle Soto.  In addition to being arrestingly handsome, he incorporates a number of small dance moves while standing in place and very intense/cold stares into the audience.

The band didn't really break often to address the audience...  Kyle would frequently thank and express his "love" for everyone in attendance.

I did see something that I've never seen before at the show tho'.  About 5 or 6 songs into the set, one or two girls decided to take wads of single dollar bills and shower the stage/Kyle/bandmates while performing.

I didn't quite understand what was going on at first... I wonder if this was done to objectify his looks.   It was really weird to witness tho'.  At first - I thought they were throwing hand-bills... I think some people starting reaching for the money and their roadie had to intervene.   

Pretty fucked up.

Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only by Rollie Agado

Of all the new bands I've discovered in recent months, I am really falling hard for a California band called Seahaven.   A dreamy-indie-pop record that is really great to listen to on rainy grey days... 

I have a tendency to try and find a bands earlier material when I discover a recent release, but I've opted to focus (obsess) on this album instead.   I just confirmed this morning that they're going to be coming to San Antonio at the end of May.  Looking incredibly forward to seeing them live and not have to drive out to Austin to do so.

It's really hard to describe this album because I haven't fully charted my emotions on the record just yet.  There's a number of very soft numbers on the album all lasting under 2:00 minutes that sorta weave the record in and out as if you were listening to a Doves album, without really having a "DOVES" sound?

I kinda liken the listening experience to floating on your back in a secluded pool of water.   You're not exactly alone with your thoughts long enough because you're kinda focusing on breathing right to not down - but you're totally calm at the same time?   

Stand out tracks:

Artists: Seahaven
Album: Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only
Producer: Kyle Soto
Label: Run For Cover Records
Recorded: ARC Studio