Plague Vendor

Plague Vendor - Free to Eat by Rollie Agado

Completing this entry a few days after starting the entry during my listen of Plague Vendor's - Free to Eat.

Been working some insane hours the past couple of days...  I could have selected one of 20 albums I listened to in its entirety today.  I got out of the office at some point Saturday morning 2ish AM after punching through a full day at the office.

I'm officially 14 days (as of June 1st) away from launching our ERP conversion.  The entries from this point forth are going to be very scattered.  I just noticed that my entry for May 28th didn't post from my work computer....   


Anyhoo..  I've been listening to this album for nearly a month now.  I haven't been able to arrive at a conclusion just yet on wether I like it or not.  By that I mean, should I add it to my collection of albums...

The album is good.  I would actually go out of my way to recommend it a number of my friends who especially listen to West Coast (California) Punk.   There's something however that I can't put my finger on...  something that is keeping me from wanting to plunk down my hard earned money on it and I can't seem to figure out what it is.

Standout Tracks: