Mike Mogis

Bright Eyes - LIFTED or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground by Rollie Agado

With the arrival of summer officially upon us (Memorial Day Weekend), I've decided to revisit some of my favorite summer records.

Bright Eyes, is a musical act (Conner Oberst) that I love to spend hours dissecting for lyrics and deconstructing musical arrangements.

I forget how old I was when I first saw them perform live... but I vividly remember being blown away by the cult following for the band...   

I own this also on Vinyl and the packaging for it is beautiful..

When I purchased this album, I'm pretty sure I listened to it for what felt like 4 or 5 months until I processed all the emotions that the album stirred up inside.

Having it on while I work is proving to be incredibly distracting...  I find myself wanting to stop and reflect about a person or a place every 10 minutes or so.

Someone needs to do a web-documentry on the making of this album, I'm struggling to put together how someone as young as Connor Oberst and friends put this album together in Nebraska.

The subject matter on this album, especially the heartache is what makes this album so rewarding to hear after all these years.

Standout Tracks: