Kanye West

# 2 Album of 2013, Yeezus, by Kanye West by Rollie Agado

Of all the albums I listened to in 2013, Yeezus was the record I actively thought about in my head when I wasn't listening to it.

It was also the only album in 2013, where I actively sought out thoughts and reactions from friends the week the  album dropped.

If you're reading this journal entry - you probably know me personally.   Perhaps you're scratching your head and you're wondering why I would rank this album so highly.  Here's my personal case for the album and why you should listen to it.

Yeezus  is a meticulously curated artistic endeavor that stands out when compared to anything else released in 2013.

Regardless of the medium... there is always an artist that finds rarefied air that can run parallel to others that are in the same stream.

Louis CK is a great example.  He's a contemporary comedian that tells jokes like every other comedian... he's however operating from an elevated ground.  

Like - Miles Davis, Lou Reed, David Bowie and Madonna - Kanye West is today's ambassador of cool.  I don't exactly know how this pop-culture currency works... but for a very finite amount of time - an artist can do no wrong.  Everything they seemingly touch, wear and produce - transcends to a rarefied place.

Yeezus is that very thing.

Stand Out Tracks: