So You're Diabetic Now by Rollie Agado

Posted a short blurb a few weeks about some ongoing sciatic pains in my back...  sought out the opinion of my primary care physician (Dr. Pico) and was assigned physical therapy for a few weeks.

That's been going ok I guess.  The pain has subsided... but I will occasionally have some evenings where it hurts like shit and I just get through the night.  Anyhoo, while there I also had some dreaded blood work done and feared that I would get dealt the diabetic card.

Surprise/Surprise = I got the beetees.  

My dad has it and if I remember correctly, he had an older sister (Lupe, RIP) who also had a case of the beetees too - so this is a family affair.  I also happen to know that I haven't exactly made some of the best dietary decisions in life either - so I wasn't really all that surprised by the diagnosis.

What I was however surprised to find out was that after being diagnosed - you're kinda handed a pamphlet and prescribed Metformin to sort out your blood sugar.  My doctor naturally forgot to update me on my x-rays for my back...   my visit (3 weeks after blood tests) was to review my lab work.

This is where shit gets sideways for me.

  1. I don't really go about my day feeling any "diabetic" effects.
  2. I saw my blood results online the day after I took them and googled some of the numbers I found to be suspicious...  It took me all but 5 minutes to know I had the beetees.
  3. How is it ok for me to be walking around with the beetees for nearly a month and not be called in sooner?

Side Affects:  the Shits

So I'm in the process of getting a meeting scheduled with a person (maybe a nurse/maybe a dr.) who is going to give me the 101 on Beetees.  I think we're going to talk about diet and confirm that my want for honeybuns is a thing of the past.  This isn't all that big of a deal tho',  We've made a lot of dietary changes in recent months - so this is no big woop.  I just don't really know when I'm supposed to start with the blood sugar tests and stuff.  I wasn't prescribed any insulin, so my fear of sticking needles into my leg and belly have gone away for now.  I believe I will need however to prick my fingers tho and do the blood strip thing.

2016 is off to an amazing start. 

The Year Twenty Sixteen - Year of the Sciatica by Rollie Agado

As we ease into the last week of January, 2016...  I've been thinking a lot about what direction to take with the blog this year.  I had a number of unexpected things occur to me last year and that kinda curbed my desire to sit down and write personal stuff in a public forum.

I'm filled with an incredible urge to just share thoughts on all kinds of silly shit so I think things are about to get a little weird on this blog.

The biggest thing going with me these days is some trouble I'm having with Sciatica.  A nerve disruption that is sending pain down my right leg into my right foot - causing discomfort and the sensation of it being numb. 

I haven't been able to pin point the cause of this... outside of just being a fat ass - but I made it a point to go see a doctor.  He got me in touch with a Physical Therapist whom I'm paying $50 per visit to stretch me and rub me down for about a month.

The treatments are working and I have a number of fatty yoga exercises I affectionally call ROGA - that I perform daily.  

In addition to that, I've been eating better in preparation of receiving word that I'm probably diabetic.   Also not a shocker, given that I kinda have some family history with it and I'm a fatty.  Lab results came back and they got posted to my "personal portal" page... but I haven't heard back from my doctor.   I'm not sure what to make of this tho'.  Part of me thinks, that if I was diabetic - they would have called and been like - HEY you need to come in and learn how to inject yourself with insulin and shit.

Another part of me thinks - that one blood test - does not make one a diabetic.  Maybe they're coach me up and ask me to do another blood test or two before we go down that path...  

In the event I do get word I have diabetes - 3 or so weeks after doing lab tests, I suspect I may yell at my doctor and embarrass my lovely fiance who has been so incredibly supportive of all this crap.

So yeah... more soon.