Dungeons and Dragons... by Rollie Agado

Every 6 weeks or so... I make I meet with a small group of friends and participate in a friendly game of Dungeons and Dragons.   I've posted about this before and have always provided a recap...  I need to dig through my posts so that I can tag all the entries....

The main story arch 

I am in a party of 4 (Paladin, Barbarian, Fighter(me), Tiefling) who had captured a hell-spawned baby on an earlier quest.  I assisted with getting hell-spawn out of a city - where we received cover from a Monk.  We were instructed to visit a witch who knew how to take better care of the Hell Spawn Baby.

Upon meeting the witch - she instructed us to take board a boat and delivery the baby to Keylong - a city, in a fictional world we are all in.  It was described to me as a city in Asia and was also told that every alternate world has an Asia.

On our way to the Boat - we were accompanied by two priests who were to assist in caring for the Hell Spawn baby...  they feed it flesh and make sure it has its obsidian binky handy.  

Our team ran across a ruin town and we discovered a hole that had a mysterious glow...   the four of us went in to see what this was about.  We encountered some rats and Waredudes who were practicing weird religious practices.  We opted to leave in fear of running into something we couldn't defeat - when we surfaced the monks and baby were gone.

Last Night

I missed out on the last 2 D&D sessions - so the party has apparently made its way to the port city and they've secured passage on a boat that will get us to Keylong.  They received word that Hell-Spawn-Baby and the 2 Monks left a day before...  so we boarded the boat last night in hopes of catching them.

The Captain of the boat (named Denim) saw an island on our way to Keylong and he asked that we search the island for treasure.   It's his boat so we don't really have a choice...

Upon arriving to shore we see signs of foot prints that led into a cave.   A crazy man sat outside of a cave offering us rotting "whale bits" for 1 gold coin in a leaky bucket.  The guy was loon and all he kept on saying was "whale bits"  "whale bits".   My character (Percival) suggested to slit his throat but Reamus, Maliki and Kuras felt it would be unwise.

We spent roughly 5 hours in the caves - uncovering clues, obtaining more empty buckets, recovered a gold tooth from a skull and an eyepatch and defeating monsters such as - Giant Crabs & Ghost Pirates.   The clues we uncovered - a paper that read "bastard".   A table that had an etching that read "Mine".   Another paper that read "doesn't like Whale Bits"...   and lastly - we ran across a Captain Ghost Pirate who sat at a table - feverishly writing on papers and saying aloud "backstabbing scoundrel will never take it from tiny".

After defeating the ghost captain - we obtained a cloak that had a faint smell of fart and his captain hat - which had no powers.  With the eye patch - we had a complete disguise if ever needed.

We made our way into a large cavern and we discovered waters that had a deep inkish tint.  on our side of the shore was a small boat... on the other side were 7 treasure chests

When we approached the water - we saw tentacles.  Kursa (female barbarian) smothered whale bits all over herself and threw Whale bits into the water.  we saw the tentacles recede - so we traveled back and forth with our empty bucks and purchased whale bits from the loon at the entrance of the cave.

We were able to secure the 7 chests (which were filled with gold) and got all of them to shore.  We managed to remove 6 of the chests - but one disappeared while slowly surfacing each to the entrance of the cave.

I suggested again to the party that we kill the loon, but they said he was of no harm...

We never discovered what took the last chest of gold...  and we're back on the ship in hopes of landing in Keylong soon.