Crash of Rhinos

#7 Album of 2013: Knots, by Crash of Rhinos by Rollie Agado

If there were ever an example of an album that fell across my lap at both the right time and place it would be Knots by Crash of Rhinos.

Artwork by David Hand

Over the past 4 years, a number of small bands have surfaced - that remind me a lot of the Midwest Emo / Mid to Late 90's music scene that was incredibly influential in my life.

I recall Peter Rojas (yes, that Peter Rojas) tipping me off to Algernon Cadawallader who had reminded him of Cap'n Jazz.  Shortly after discovering that band I began to uncover a number of other bands that were similar in vein: Everything Everyone, Tiger's Jaw, Look Mexico, You Blew It!, Dikembe, Snowing, This Town Needs Guns
In 2013 Braid announced European tour dates and I read a blurb about who was going to open up their shows while visiting the UK.  The name of the band: Crash of Rhinos

I had immediately taken a liking to their name...  and sought them out at my local record store.  It took a little while before I could get their album stateside thru Top Shelf Records, but it was certainly worth the wait.

I think the thing I find most endearing about Crash of Rhinos... is that they have a 2nd vocalist who sings with a very heavy English accent. When the two exchange vocal duties on a track like the song Interiors it reminds me of what Braid did with Hugs from Boys many/many/many years before it.

Stand Out Tracks: