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#20 Album of 2014, Eagulls by Eagulls by Rollie Agado

Theres's something incredibly rewarding about connecting with a record the very instant you listen to the opening notes of the first track.  I find myself lowering my guard, easing back and eagerly await each track to give me the same rewarding high I got from the opening note.

I don't know why I'm so drawn to musical artists that frequent in bleak/loud musical landscapes... the Eagulls specifically peddle in this area and I find their sound to be equally refreshing and rewarding.

They remind me a little bit A Place to Bury Strangers and they remind me a lot of early efforts by the Cure.  I sometimes find myself reimagining songs like Primary off the album Faith and hear those songs play back a louder/faster/angrier in my head.

With the seasons finally changing here in Central Texas, I find myself revisiting this record with greater frequency.   I had an opportunity to catch the Eagulls in Austin, earlier this year but I couldn't attend because I was away on an assignment.  My friend Donald attended and raved about the performance...  it's possibly my biggest "live music" regret of the year.

Recommended tracks:  You may find their sound a little samey-samey...  and while the album suffers from "range", it's brutally blunt and will likely win you over when the sky's get grey and you're feeling down.  

Artist: Eagulls
Produced: Eagulls & Matt Peel
Recorded: Cottage Road Studios Leeds
Label: Partisan Records

Eagulls - Eagulls by Rollie Agado

Been listening to this Eagulls album for nearly 2 weeks now and have determined that I really like it.   I listened to it all the way through for the first time this evening...  its one of those albums you have on and for whatever reason, a distraction occurs without fail.

I would sorta describe their sound as the Cure.  Think early "Cure" but a little more aggressive.   I actually really like a lot of the tracks on the first half of the album.  That however may have more to do with me being a little more familiar with the first half of the album tho'.

I still haven't fully committed to adding this album to my personal collection tho'.   I'm not entirely sure why I feel so uncommitted to it...  I think it may be that the album feels very repetitive. 

Anyhoo...  highly recommend it if you like the Cure or the Killing Joke.

Stand Out Tracks:

Artists: Eagulls
Album: Eagulls
Producer: Eagulls, Matt Peel
Label: Partisan Records
Recorded: Cottage Road Studios