Sucker Punched? / by Rollie Agado

So i’m about 80% done with the movie Sucker Punch, and I don’t know if I like it or hate it…   the things I like about it are :

a.) gratuitous amounts of girls in in pig tails-school girl/sailor moon outfits
b:) weapons of choice - samurai sword/hand guns  
c.) for no apparent reason, a dream sequence involved an enemy that was a Steam Punk-post apocalyptic Nazi army

What I didn’t like about it was…   the movie is the first ever example of a film that should have been Video Game.      

That and the movie sorta touches on something I don’t quite understand about this generation.  The main character slips into an action/fantasy world - to advance the plot of the movie -  in the form of dance.   What is it with all the dancing these days?