Statistically Speaking / by Rollie Agado

I’m a sucker for stats.  Always have been… and always will.  

Learned about a website today called : Immersion

They look at your gmail activity and let you look at your correspondence in a People Centric view.

By admission… my gmail account is not my primary e-mail account.  I’ve been an iCloud user since it was known as .Mac and I use that mail client 70% of the time for personal correspondence.

In the past 12 months:  This graph shows that I have exchanged emails with my friend Nano more than any one else.  I’m not really surprised by this… but I am a little surprised by how much more I’ve emailed him in comparison to others.


I then ran the numbers against my gmail account over the past 8.3 years.  I literally had gmail at the jump…

Please note how many emails I exchanged with Psycho Lauren… A person who never stopped giving me shit about how we didn’t correspond enough and this doesn’t capture all the emails that hit my iCloud account.

Statistically speaking…