Songs From the Black Hole (Operation Space Opera) / by Rollie Agado


Prior to recording the seminal album, Pinkerton, Weezer began work on a concept album under the name “Songs from the Black Hole”.

 A “Space Rock Opera” that was going to reference 3 guys, 2 girls and a robot.  The album was supposed to be analogy of preparing to go on the road to support an album.

Over the past 20 years, Rivers Cuomo has slowly begun to leak recorded demos/notes/sheet music to fans who have wanted to reassemble the discarded works and possibly piece together one of the most ambitious efforts in alt-rock history.

Fast Forward to 2013…  

I don’t know what possessed me to look up Songs From the Black Hole on the internet, but I discovered that a group of Super Fans, set out on an ambitious project to cover SFTBH from beginning to end.  They pieced together recorded demos/sheet music provided by Rivers and self-produced an album of what could have been.

You can download the album (for free)  by visiting:

I cringed a little after hearing the first few tracks… but I found myself getting lost in how incredible the gesture was to put this thing together.

Highly recommend it to anyone who is a Weezer fan.

PS - you need to really download the whole album and listen to it seamlessly to appreciate it.