Sex Pistols... so what? / by Rollie Agado


35 years ago (to the date), the Sex Pistols performed a rather legendary show here in town at a venue that was once known as “Randy’s Rodeo”…   I won’t spend too much time discussing the venue.  The space currently exists, but you’re not going to find a venue that caters to European music acts storming thru the states.  You can however take part in a Bingo game with local San Antonians.

Much to my surprise there’s a show this evening commemorating the 35 year anniversary of the Sex Pistol show.  I guess some are of the opinion that this is a high-water-mark of some sort.  Their visit here in actuality to me seemed accidental (at best) seeing how their US tour was destined to be a cluster fuck to begin with.

To which I’ve always had a bit of a problem with recognizing the Pistols for anything.  They’re contrived chaos…  4 angry/white/drunken/catholic boys who imploded by design.

Fuck Malcolm McLauren and fuck this anniversary.