Season of the Witch / by Rollie Agado

I know a number of people who havecompletely turned their back on Nicolas Cage and movies he stars in.  I however haven’t grown tired of his work and have decided that he will have to grow tired of acting before I grow tired of his shitty movies.

Which brings me to the Season of the Witch…  wow, where does one begin with this movie?

In short it’s about Cage and Ron Perlman, phoning in some performances set in Mid-Evil Europe.  They run across a fierce case of the black death…  while there they get asked by black death stricken king to take a girl he believes is a witch to a set of monks who can confirm his suspicions.

Cage and Perl soon discover that the plague has reached the castle… there’s then a discovery that the girl they have imprisoned is not a witch but they end up running into a devil.

Shit gets pretty stupid from this point on but in the end Cage rocks out with his cock out and ends the movie with the book of the dead in hand.

Stay away from this at all costs.

Movie 23/365