Rivals 2 | Fantasy Reality STATS thru 7 weeks | Numbers Never Lie / by Rollie Agado


It occurred to me last week that I should compile stats from the scores I’ve been tabulating for my Rivals 2 Fantasy Reality League.

The results were rather eye opening.  Here’s some of the stuff that I’ve discovered thru 7 weeks.

Link to : Scores & Rules
Link to : Stat Sheet 

Top 5 Point Totals and Averages (Active Cast Members): Thru 7 Weeks

1.)Frank : 145 Points (Avg. 20.71 points per episode) - After seeing Frank on Real World San Diego and then taking home the win in the Challenge : Battle of the Seasons, I knew that I wanted to draft him with the my first pick of the Fantasy Reality Draft.


Some may argue that CT is a better/safer pick, but all I can do is point to stats that I’ve compiled thru this season.

Frank is a 5 Tool Player:

  1. He’s a physical specimen
  2. He’s promiscuous (+ Bi-Sexual)
  3. He’s emotional
  4. He’s confrontational
  5. He’s a heavy drinker 

Above all, Frank is a WINNER.  He’s undoubtedly in the drivers seat for MVP of Fantasy Reality League.

2.) Jordan : 130 points (Avg. 18.57 points per episode) - By far the biggest surprise on the Challenge This Year.  He was low on my depth chart…   While physically fit, I had concerns about his ability to perform on this show because of his left hand.


Before I get roasted for making that comment… I root for the GUY every episode.  As do the fellow cast mates on the show.  I don’t know how many times people on the show have said “… and he’s doing this with ONE fucking hand!”

He’s hooked up with two separate girls in the house, so he’s pulling more chicks than I thought he would.  He’s also beginning to get into more confrontations among cast mates and this is why I liked him as cast member to pick up in the later rounds of our Fantasy Draft.  The guy is a total dick when it comes to admitting that he’s wrong or that his opinion is of any merit.  

Above all, Jordan has been killing it in Challenges.  Both he and his teammate Marlon have been ballin’ all season and its showing up on the stat sheets.

Jordan is in the drivers seat for Rookie of the Year… he has to worry about Marlon taking that title away from him tho’.   

3.) CT : 120 points (Avg. 17.14 points per episode) - CT is a BEAST.  He’s may be the only cast member on my sister’s roster that I’m interested in trading for and I’d do so out of sheer emotion.


Statistically speaking… CT can be hit or miss.   In Week 1.) He dropped 40 points and spun my head when made out with 2 chicks (Bird / Diem) and nearly drowned Marlon in the pool in the opening episode.

He followed that performance and padded my sister’s overall score by dropping 70 points.   I knew that he couldn’t keep up that pace throughout the season… but I didn’t expect him to become a non factor after week 2.   With the exception of picking up 10 points in week 6 for winning a Challenge w/Wes - CT has not put up any points on the board.

If there were ever a time to trade for CT… its now.   He’s due for a physical fight or getting his dick wet.  I don’t know which will come first… but CT is a volcano that sleeps.  I know that he will erupt soon and I fear that he will be the deciding factor between my sister and I.

As much as I love Frank… if you ever have the 1st over all pick of the draft.  You’re doing a disservice to yourself and your team by not picking up CT.

4.) Marlon : 105 Points (Avg. 15 points per episode) - I love everything about Marlon.  He was my # 1 rookie to watch out for in Fantasy Reality this year.  


I never thought we would see a rookie shake things up in his first year like we did when Leroy took 3rd place a few years ago on The Challenge : Rivals (1).

He’s equally liked and feared by his fellow cast mates.

He also hooked up sexually with both a guy and a girl in the same episode, breaking the Bi-Sexual Hook Up barrier - that I thought Frank was destined to break.

Fuck… I think Marlon is neck-in-neck with Jordan for Rookie of the year.

5.) Heather Cooke : 75 points (Avg. 10.71 points per episode) - This one is a head scratcher right?


Cooke has a couple of things going for her… 

  1. She’s athletic as all get out and she’s paired with an athletic girl
  2. She’s flirty & attractive
  3. She once peed into a water-mud-pit while being suspended over it… she also had a high probability of being dropped into it.  I’m not saying that I’m into that… or that I’m looking for that quality in a sexy lady. I’m just saying that she’s down.
  4. She’s survived three separate trips to the Jungle thru 7 WEEKS!  She’s sent two teams home and she’s picked up 20 points for that alone.

This is her first ever appearance on the Challenge and if she and Cara Maria bring it home… she could be a dark horse - Rookie of the Year.

Lowest Point Totals: Thru 7 Weeks

5.) Nany : 25 points (Avg. 3.57 points per episode) - The one thing Nanny has going for her is that she’s going to get into a fight at some point this season.   


She’s also likely going to hook up with someone on the show.

4.) Wes : 25 points (Avg. 3.57 points per episode) - I fucking hate this guy.  I’ve always thought of him as a juiced up racist.   He’s dropped a ton of muscle this season…  but he’s still a prick.  Fuck him.


3.) Preston : 20 points (Avg. 2.86 points per episode) - Unlike Wes, I really like Preston.  On his season of the Real World, he plowed through a series of random dudes in the French Quarter and I figured that his promiscuity would carry thru onto this show.


Instead…  he seems to be readily available for every Challenge show since becoming available to play.  He’s not particularly “athletic” and he’s quit on a number of challenges.

What I’m trying to get at… he’s not dead nuts last.   

He’s really good at breaking up fights in the house tho’.  If our league awarded points for separating cast mates squabbles… he would easily be in the middle of the pack.

2.) Camila - 15 points (Avg. 2.14 points per episode) - This one shocked me.  Camila has traditionally been a cast member who has had needed to be restrained for being crazy/loud/bitch and I love her for that.


She’s a firecracker and has that something… that I find insanely attractive.  I don’t know if she has a boyfriend at home, but I’m surprised that no one is creeping on her.   It could be that she’s straight up stabby nuts - but love is contact sport y’all.

1.) Jonna - 0 points (Avg. 0 points per episode) -  You’re probably asking yourself… how is THIS POSSIBLE Rollie?  I’ve seen her kiss Jordan!  She’s also scored negative points for wearing cast member shirts in the Jungle to support her friends.


She really hasn’t been a focal point of the show… She seemed to really slink into the background this season of the Challenge, when Zack was still around.  

I’ll put up another Stat Sheet at the end of the season and I’ll include participants who have been sent home.

Oh before I forget…

Highest Point Total in One Episode: 105 Points - each person (all girls by the way) went about scoring 105 differently.  I don’t know if we’ll see anyone crack that score, but it’s the club house leading score thru 7 weeks.

  • Sarah
  • Anastasia
  • Trishelle