Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado

MTV’s  the Challenge  RIVALS 2 starts tomorrow, which means my sister and are going to participate in our first Reality Fantasy League together!

Here are the rules for scoring:


Making T.J. say, “You killed it”: 25 points 

Making T.J. verbally express his disappointment in your behavior: 35 points 

Making T.J. dramatically break character: 20 points 

Cross-dressing: 10 points 

Winning elimination challenge: 10 points 

Winning final challenge: 50 points 

Leaving show due to injury: -50 points 

Announcing you are “in control of the game” (or something close to it): 5 points 

Slandering someone’s sexual performance: 25 points 

Cannibalism: 100 points 

Causing the arrival of a vehicle with a siren: 20 points 

Assault of an inanimate object: 10 points 

Cold sore possession: 15 points 

Wearing another contestant’s name jersey in support: -10 

Misspelling a single syllable word during the spelling challenge: 25 points 

Throwing a challenge: -25 points 

Being the target of PED accusations: 25 points 

Hooking up with your ex-spouse: -10 


Female Crying: 5 points 

Male Crying: 20 points 

Asking if a fellow cast member is there “for the right reasons”: 10 points 

Saying, “I didn’t come here to make friends”: 10 points 

Trying to make someone cry and succeeding: 25 points 

Trying to make someone cry and failing: -5 to -25 points (commissioner’s discretion) 

Blaming parents for poor behavior: 10 points 

Calling a friend or relative at home, crying, and saying, “Everyone here hates me”: 20 points 

Threatening to sue fellow cast member: 25 points 

Being subject of an intervention: 30 points (Celebrity Rehab stars excluded) 

Plugging an acting, modeling, or singing career: 10 points 

Singing song in front of two or more people: 20 points 


Open-mouth kissing: 5 points per participant 

Coitus (or pulling over covers in bed): 25 points per participant 

Denying coitus: 10 points 

Fraudulent denial of coitus: 20 points 

Fraudulent claim of coitus: 25 points 

Participating in threesome: 50 points per participant 

STD scare: 30 points per sexual partner 

Pregnancy scare: 50 points per sexual partner 

Intentional nudity: 20 points 

Unintentional nudity: 5 points 

Hitting on the show’s host: 5 to 15 points (commissioner’s discretion) 

Possession of concealed erection: 10 to 25 points (commissioner’s discretion) 

Revealing past career in pornography: 50 points 


Verbal Fighting: 5 points 

Physical Fighting: 25 points 

Decisively winning physical fight: 25 points 

Throwing drink in someone’s face: 5 points 

Having unexplained black eye, fat lip, or bloody knuckles: 25 points 

Being restrained or lectured on camera by security or production staff: 25 points 

Requesting to be assaulted: 10 points 

Invoking show’s rules as only reason for not committing assault: 10 points 

Attempting to fight show’s host: 100 points 


Extreme intoxication: 5 to 25 points (commissioner’s discretion) 

Vomiting: 10 points 

Having car keys taken away: 5 points 

Being kicked out of bar or club: 20 points 


Violating stated religious beliefs: 25 points 

Attending church: -10 points 

Non-court-ordered volunteer work: -25 points 

Early Departures

Being kicked off show: 100 points (must be eliminated outside of game play) 

Causing others to threaten to leave show: 15 points 

Threatening to leave show and not following through: 15 points 

Threatening to leave show and following through: 30 points 

Hot Tub/Helicopter Bonus

Any points earned in hot tub and/or helicopter are scored at double value.