Reality Fantasy = Rivals 2 / the Finale / by Rollie Agado

When my sister all but assured herself a win in our Fantasy Reality league…  I sorta lost the drive to publish blog posts after the past few episodes.

I’ve been keeping track however of how every character did, so without further delay - here are my findings.

Team Joker : 1165 points - Fantasy Reality Champion 2013
Team Ro Ro : 900 points

The biggest factor between our teams success can be summed up in two letters : C  T

Through 12 weeks - he accumulated 250 total points.  Averaged 20.83 points per episode…  2nd place totaled 175 points. 


He’s hands down the MVP of 2013 - Fantasy Reality League.  He took home the Challenge Trophy, hooked up with a variety of ladies in the house and threw up like a grown ass man in the season finale.

My rookie of the year goes to : Cooke.  She was second only to CT with 175 total points for the season, averaging just under 15 points per episode and if she was partnered with someone who could swim - she may have won the challenge for the ladies.  

All in all, the season was pretty good.  The best part may have been the reunion which was shown LIVE - after the season finale.

Knight - bitch slapped Frank in what was one of the strangest hour of MTV reality tv.