POZ March Sadness: Announcement + Vote-In Round / by Rollie Agado



We’ve talked about doing a fun POZ response to March Madness for well over a year now, and today is the day that we are launching March Sadness - an emo-lover’s substitute for NCAA bracket season (it’s cool if you dig the basketball too, this is just sadder).  

March Sadness consists of a vote-in round (that’s today!) followed by 16-bracket spots broken down into 90’s, Early 2000’s, MId 2000’s, and Modern Day Emo. We are limiting ourselves to 20 bands that will be voted down to 16 by Monday’s Sad 16 launch.

We realize “emo” is both a subjective word and genre, but March Sadness is all about us having fun and interacting as a community. So please click “Read More” below and join us in voting for four out of five of your favorite bands in each emo category through Sunday evening, and the Sad 16 will launch on Monday! 

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