Our Idiot Brother / by Rollie Agado

When I rented Our Idiot Brother, I was kinda under the impression that the movie’s premise was sorta in the title.  

A mindless comedy like - Dude Where’s My Car or Hot Tub TIme Machine.

Films I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend others to watch, but mindless comedies I like to throw on every now and again after a long day.

Our Idiot Brother however is a dramatic comedy about a dimwitted guy (read: white hippie) who gets arrested (read: entrapment by the man) and after doing a little time in the poke - he decides to move back in with his family.

The dope never tries to do anything maliciously, but he manages to fuck everything up for his siblings.  Three sisters, all of whom “have it together” - but in actuality have it worse than the dimwit when we get to examine their lives.

I didn’t laugh very much thru the picture and I can see myself avoiding this at all costs if it’s ever on TV.  If hard pressed to rent or watch something (read: anything) on TV - stay away.

Movie 2/365