Moneyball / by Rollie Agado

2011 had a number motion pictures I didn’t get to catch in theaters, so it looking like I’m going to be pretty busy catching up with movies that should be up for Awards in the coming months…

First movie I’ve knocked out in  the New Year is MONEYBALL, a film that follows the 2002 Oakland A’s (baseball team) and their improbable climb to the top of the West by assembling a team thru some uncharacteristic methods.  

Said methods are known as “money ball”.   In short, the team looked to get wins by statistically crafting a group of players that could get on base and with high probability score runs.

All in all the movie is pretty good… a little too long in my opinion but I found myself getting goose bumps when the  20 game winning streak occurred during the movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, bet sure to check it out.  It’s worth the rental…

Rollie A.
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