In need of a dream interpreter / by Rollie Agado

So…  the past two nights have been plagued with what can best be described as “unpleasant” dreams.   I hesitate to say “nightmares” because, nothing particularly bad happened outside of awaking in a calm but panic state.

So, what I need is someone out there to direct me to a dream interpreter.  I’ve begun to have some reoccurring dreams and the variables are pretty much the same.

1.) I awake from the bad dreams about 2 hours into sleeping.

2.) I’ve been in a vehicle in both dreams.  (driving in one dream, passenger in the other)

3.) There’s been inclement  weather.

I don’t recall how the dreams start but the endings are very vivid.  For example, in the first dream I’m in an unfamiliar car and I appear to be driving on 1604 and I’m about to take the I-10 exit.   I know this only because the exit is very unique in the area…

Anyhoo, as I’m about to exit I can feel the front wheels slip under the car as in the wheels are not getting traction.  It’s also really rainy out and I woke up shortly after this feeling better that it was only a dream.

Last night, I had a similar dream, except I seemed to be on the South Padre Island causeway, in route to Port Isabel.  It wasn’t exactly the South Padre Island causeway tho’… it’s just the closest thing I can compare it to.

In this dream, I’m not driving but I’m in the car and I’m trying to make a flight.  The only problem however is that it’s pouring outside and the water is collecting along the roadways to the point where the roads are being flooded.  At some point, the car needs to make a sharp right and we pass right by it because of the flooding roadways.  When we slowdown to throw the van in reverse, the van’s front wheels begin to spin and sorta get stuck just off the right side of the now flooding road.

I awake in seconds of the cars front wheels slipping along the water logged road.

So there you go…