In Appreciation of: Orange is the New Black / by Rollie Agado


When my sister stopped in for an unexpected visit yesterday… we decided to start watching the new Netflix show: Orange is the new Black.

Who would have imagined that a show set inside a woman’s prison could have so many interesting stories to tell?

The show primarily focuses around an inmate by the name of Piper Chapman.  She’s doing time for carrying drug money for a former girl friend(Laura Prepon of That 70’s Show). It’s her first time in prison and she’s trying to find ground to stand on in a very unfamiliar place.

The biggest takeaway I have after watching the first half of the season is that femininity is inescapably beautiful.


Every episode takes time to round out one of the supporting cast members…  it sorta allows you as the viewer to not only empathize with their story/circumstance but see something leap out from within that you could only describe as beautiful.

I would almost liken it to Six Feet Under.  The start of every episode featured the untimely death of a person and over the course of one hour, we would learn something about the stiff in the box.  That minor character’s story would sometimes stand front & center and we were remind you how beautiful life can be.

The show also touches on other interesting themes…  race, strained relationships of every kind, sex and the criminal justice system.  They’ve seemed to have only scratched the surface on directions they could go.

Anyhoo… if you haven’t started binge watching this show.  You most certainly should.