In Appreciation of : Dark Night Returns Part 2 / by Rollie Agado

2 weeks or so ago, I rented the Dark Knight Returns (Part 1) after listening to a glowing review from Kevin Smith on a podcast.

I knew the movie was based on a Frank Miller book, but I never had any interest in reading it because I thought the book was based on Batman at an advanced age who couldn’t be a crime fighter anymore.

While that’s partially true…  Bruce Wayne is sorta thrusted into the role of Batman in his mid 50’s to take on group of bad guys known as “the Mutants” 

Batman prevails but he doesn’t get to take off the cowl because the Joker decides to bust out of jail to confront the Batman.

I thought the entire second part was going to be Batman VS the Joker.  Much to my surprise, Batman defeats the Joker in the second act and the movie wraps up with an epic battle between Batman & Superman.

I can’t believe how hard this movie brought the goods.  Please drop everything you’re doing and see this immediately.