I'm trying to break your heart: A film about Wilco / by Rollie Agado

I’ve had Wilco (the band) on my mind a lot these days…  perhaps it has a lot to do with the weather in San Antonio.  Decided watch the celebrated documentary “I’m trying to break your heart” for the first time since I saw a screening of it at the Royal Oak theater back in Detroit when it first came out. 

For some reason the documentary seemed shorter the second time around…  the videotaped split between Tweedy and Bennet was pretty intense.

I didn’t know about Bennet passing away until this evening… not sure if the two ever patched things up.

I have had a few experiences of playing/creating music together with others and I can see how it can become a very stressful thing.  I recall it being very awkward to talk or communicate after jamming for a while.  It’s as if I had lost my ability to use words…  especially after listening and making gestures to others in the room when trying to create something out of thin air.

The creation of the record, it not getting released by Reprise (owned by Warner) and it eventually getting released by Nonesuch (also owned by Warner) was amusing to sit thru again. 

Anyhoo… it’s arguably one of the finest albums from the first decade.

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