Ides of March / by Rollie Agado

Just behind ‘Bank Heist’ movies, ‘Election’ movies have always been a favorite genre of mine.

I’m not quite sure why this movie didn’t catch on with friends of mine who enjoy movies like this.

The title is great and as expected - Cesar gets the fuck stabbed out of him.

Even the poster is incredible.

It’s hard to go into any depth on this film without giving anything away.  Ryan Gosling does a good bit of the heavy lifting and he’s really good in it.

Phillip S. Hoffman is also very enjoyable in this… he sorta takes on the roll of a Think Tank monster.

Clooney’s roll is an interesting one… he’s sorta in the backdrop but they took some interesting decisions with character (as in moral compass) and that’s why I think this movie is great.

Highly recommend this to all my left leaning friends.

Movie 12/365