House of Cards / by Rollie Agado


A number of friends have asked… “Have you seen House of Cards yet?”

My answer since February of this year has been “No”.  Between Game of Thrones/Mad Men and playoff sports - time never really permitted me to sink 13 hours into a new show.

I also didn’t have a lot of faith in Netflix putting out something worth watching.  

I may be in the minority…  but I thought that Kevin Spacey played a murderous lobbyist on Capitol Hill.   Part of that is true…  he’s a Congressman who’s hell bent at getting even with people in his own Party for a snub after he helped a new President get elected.

The first 4 episodes were a slow burn of sorts… the political drama was interesting and I would watch 10 more episodes that involved a Congressman  who wants to plot out the professional demise of everyone who crosses him.

The show then sorta unravels in the middle…  Kevin Spacey’s character gets desperate as does the show.  Much to my surprise, the show then tilts to the examination of Neu - Journalism and it recovers nicely thru the end of the first season.

I’m now left wanting more.  Damn you Netflix.

In the mean time… I’m going to buy one of these and use it daily at home.