Flatstock 38 (SXSW 2013) / by Rollie Agado

Made the yearly pilgrimage to Flatsock @ SXSW yesterday…  quick observation about the festival - it felt freakishly congested for the first time ever. I can’t ever remember parking being so problematic and I attended a mid-week after lunch time event.  

I ended up parking in a local neighborhood and took advantage of the Metro rail to get to the convention center with ease.

—- Posters ——

Made it a point to pick up the annual Empire Press Flatstock poster.  Farley Bookout (artist) has made one for the past three years and I’m happy to have each one in my collection.


I also snagged Farley Bookout’s first poster she created:  I learned that this poster was about her memories of seeing a plan fly over every Friday at a remote location on the globe, when she was a child.  It wasn’t until the poster was printed that she realized the imagery and the date could give a person the wrong the idea…


My favorite poster collected yesterday was a piece by Dan Grzeco.  An artist that has been erroneously missing in my personal collection of gig-posters.  

His work is amazing, but I’ve never really connected with the artists he’s done work for.  That however all changed when he decided to make a poster for Life During Wartime (Talking Heads) and placed lots of stuff from the song into the poster.

The song is quite possibly one of the most haunting songs I listen to on a regular basis.  Thus making this one of my favorite posters in my collection and look forward to framing and displaying this as soon as possible.


I can’t stress how cool it was to talk to Dan Grzeco by the way… we both tried to top each other with lyrical references from the song that didn’t make the poster.  He mentioned that he really wanted to fit in “burned all my notebooks” but couldn’t figure out how.

I softly said “we’re tapping phone lines… i know that ain’t allowed”

He closed his eyes, rolled my posters and shook his head in agreement with a smile.  We shook hands and I looked for something special for my niece.