Elizabethtown / by Rollie Agado

Of all the Cameron Crowe movies, Elizabethtown had remained the movie I always said I would get around to watching… 

It was cloudy out this afternoon so I figured why not today?

I wouldn’t rank Elizabeth town atop my favorite Crowe movies (Almost Famous, Singles, Say Anything) but I enjoyed it  lot more than I thought I would.

My favorite part of the movie was the Drive back home where Orlando’s character realizes he should have done that trip with his dad years ago.

I had a similar trip like that with my father in 1998 and it remains to this day the most important chapter of our Father/Son relationship.

The funeral wake, specifically the part where Susan Sarandon does her tap dance farewell - nearly made me cry.

The FREEBIRD cover was pretty cheesy but I got mad props for the band playing thru the Sprinkler system going off.

Kinda fitting I think…  if you’re going to start playing Freebird - you should fucking finish it.

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