Dinosaur or Deceptacon / by Rollie Agado

Meet: Nasutoceratops 


A new dinosaur discovered in the state of Utah.

His unusual beak and horn structure (that of cattle?) started a discussion at work about our favorite Dinosaurs.
My favorite: Pterodactyl - reasons are many…  I famously pronounced  the “p” in it’s name when I saw the dinosaur description without a picture.
My co-woker: Dimetrodon - a dinosaur that predates the “Jurassic” period…  think of a lizard with a sailing fin.  His reasons for the selection were sound and well thought out…  it occurred to me at that very moment that I knew precious fuck all about dinosaurs - outside of the ones everyone knows.

If someone came up to me and said:  ”Rollie, for $1,000.  Is Dimetrodon a Dinosaur or a Deceptacon”  -  I would have guessed incorrectly.

Which drove me to draw up the following Quiz of the Day:
Dinosaur or Deceptacon
1.) Cindersaur
2.) Megalosaurus
3.) Trannis
4.) Draconyx
5.) Deathsaurus
6.) Concavenator
7.) Straxus
8.) Gigantoraptor
9.) Supersaurus
10.) Vulcanodon