Day 1 in the life of: Madeline Agado-Moran; a.k.a. Hobbes / by Rollie Agado

Received word early this morning that my Sister was admitted (again) to Metro Hospital in San Antonio and baby watch was on “for real” for what seemed like the 4th time.

At some point next week, I need to have a conversation with both my Mom and Sister to discuss how her pain tolerance is freakishly low in comparison to other people I’ve met who simply waited to go into Labor and have their child on their first and only visit to the Hospital…

But I digress…   I got a text from my Bro-Lo (Mario) that instructed me to call him a.s.a.p…  I called him and he informed me that my sister had been taken in for an emergency Caesarean section.  He seemed pretty nervous…  but reminded him that this was a routine procedure (not actually sure if there’s any truth to this) and that this would be way better for both the Mom and Child - seeing how this will cut into the amount of time to deliver the child.

Roughly an hour passed and saw that my phone had not received any updates…

I fired off a quick text to the Bro-Lo and within seconds I received photos of my niece.

Much to my surprise, I was overcome with a strange bit of inner warmness and showed a co-worker, who happened to know that I was awaiting word on being an Uncle.  She got openly gitty about seeing a newborn and immediately demanded some dap from my behalf so we fist bumped and I leaned back and smiled in my chair.

I then took the photo, cropped it so that her first image on the net wouldn’t be a full nude shot that my friends would undoubtedly give me shit over.

Those, who know me… and I mean, truly know how much of a miserable monster I am on both the inside & out - will be shocked to hear that I was genuinely moved by this little chapter in my life.

I don’t know how many times I’ve returned to the photo to glance at her face today.  I won’t get a chance to see her until Friday (possibly Saturday, when Joker gets discharged from the Hospital) so I’m constantly going back to the photo after confirming her size & weight(7 pounds for those who care).

While out at the Company Store (Apple Campus) I saw a baby onesie and immediately clutched it for purchase, without caring to see how much it was.  It was incredibly impulsive and fear this could become contagious.

The best part of the day has been talking to my parents by phone, whom are Grandparents for the first time.

My dad is just shy of 80, so seeing him enjoy this (well by phone) has been quite fucking remarkable.  I’ve sensed a hint of pride in his voice for both my Sister and I over the years, but the man is absolutely beaming.  

My Mom has been in the tank for this baby since conception and she’s been very open about her happiness throughout my sisters pregnancy so it’s been cool to hear her joy also but it’s nothing like what my dad has going on right now.

Spoke to my sister this afternoon, kept it short and congratulated her thru a back handed insult that went something like…   “ya know, I started a pool with our friends.  I’m taking the under on 17 years, before you’re a grandmother”

She laughed. Stopped… called me “fucker” and said she wanted action on the under.

That said:  This little bit is for my little niece, who may read this in a decade or so… or perhaps a little later in life to absorb all this stuff properly.  

  •  I just set an iCal reminder to read this entry to you, on your 18th birthday.  

1.) Let us all hope the Mayans are wrong. (I’ll explain that to you later)

2.) I hope you’re not a “mom”.  Partly because I’m taking the over on 17 years and you’ll grow to love my degenerate gambling ways…  But mostly because I hope you grow up to be responsible young lady, in the mold of your Mother & Grandmother who were both married before getting knocked up.  


I pen this entry, in a quiet Hotel bedroom in Santa Clara, California.  I’m away on business and couldn’t be there with everyone to welcome you to World.  I’ll be there in a few days, we’ll get formally acquainted and we’ll embark on what will likely be a long road of laughs and misinformation from my part to you on how life works.

Tio Roro