Cats and kittens, grab your mittens; Its Will Mackavoy and Van Morrision taking you thru the night and into the mystic... / by Rollie Agado

Fuck…  I wish writing come as easily to me as it seems to come to Sorkin sometimes.  The pull away shot from outside his apartment railing…  with Into the Mystic swelling onto the screen.  

It was a moment.

Episode: ‘First thing we do, Let’s kill all the Lawyers’

So season two starts with a deposition.  The Newsroom retracted a story about an operation in Genoa.  A story that I believe is fictional and after doing a quick google search - it appears to be based on a story that CNN/Time retracted on Operation Tailwind…

My biggest problem with Season 1 of the Newsroom is that stories came to easily.  They always got stories right and when they were late on one, they magically had ways to get the story straight before anyone else.

Season 2 - starts with a flash forward where they appear to have gotten one very wrong.
That said…  they appear to be up early on Drone Attacks…  Romney and Occupy Wall Street.   The last one was a little annoying…  in that Sorkin (thru Neal) - explains to Occupy organizers that their work will be for naught because they’re too broad in their heady demands.   I’m not disagreeing with that view point…  but it’s historical revisionism like this where he inserts himself in a way to stand atop facts years later, whilst stroking his chin - that fucking infuriates me.

Sub plots…
Maggie - went Riot Girrrl after going on assignment.  We may not be subjected to her problem between choosing between Jim and Don.

There were three things in the episode that drove me nuts: There was a comment made about mildew on a suit.  Mackavoy had to have his suit cleaned…  and there was frame where a guy came in and they fixated on him setting his wet suit on the floor.   It means something.  I don’t know what yet…

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