Bakery Lorraine / by Rollie Agado

Penned this review for YELP

After reading numerous endorsements online and receiving this tweet from @TheMontereySA  ”If you don’t buy &  eat their stuff, you’re a loser”

I decided to make it out to the Quarry Market this past Sunday to sample my first Bakery Lorraine good.

I arrived a little late but managed to buy one of the last goods they were offering, a small box Milk Cereal Macaroons.

The macaroons were completely worth the price of admission.  I immediately tore into them and shared them with friends who made it out to the market with me and we all agreed that it would be something to pick up again on a future visit.

Another highlight of the cookie was the decorative box it came in.  A sliding heavy paper stock box with a terrific serif font that simply read “cereal”.   I mention this only because it made an actual difference in determining what I wanted to purchase that morning.