Awkward. / by Rollie Agado

I wish I had enough time to document all the guilty pleasures I entertain privately, but time simply won’t permit. 

Time will however allow me to quickly give some mad love to the creators of the show Awkward.

A show that isn’t geared for straight guys edging on 35…   but for some strange reason it has a crazy grip on me.

The show revolves around a central character by the name of Jenna Hamilton.  She’s sorta cute, sorta smart and sorta popular for all the wrong reasons.

She has a stalker who started a band called “JennaLives” (referencing an accident she had at home, causing everyone in town to think she tried to commit suicide)

She has an arch enemy…  an evil girl who recently referred to her as “Jenna Hamiltoe”

She also has an oversexed best friend who may or may not be dating a guy named Ricky.

Anyhoo… hardly anyone watches this show, but you should start so we can talk about it.