All things San Japan 6 / Detroit Metal City / Witchcraft / by Rollie Agado


Attended San Japan 6 today and here’s a quick rundown of things I feel compelled to share with you:

Best Costume of the Day: Dude on stilts/dressed as a robot.  The guy was over 7 feet tall and had a wingspan that was 12+ feet.

Runner Up Costume: Prince Adam.  Yes, that Prince Adam from HE-Fucking-MAN.   I didn’t really get a chance to talk to the guy because I saw him in passing and I shouted at him from across the convention floor to snag a quick photo.


The dude is totally owning it.  I should have asked him where he scored the purple UGGs.  If it weren’t for Robot dude, Prince Adam - was hands down the BEST in show.

Item I regret not purchasing today: Detroit Metal City
After brushing my teeth this evening, I looked at my reflection and asked the following: “How did you not buy something called DETROIT METAL CITY?”  image

1.) Cover art contains guy in corpse paint & F A N G S.  Vampires were possibly in play here guys.

2.) It has both DETROIT and METAL in the title… need I say more?

3.) I made the mistake of looking this up on YouTube when I got home.

Note: The lead singer steps on the back of a guy with a BALL GAG IN HIS MOUTH!  Have you any idea how fucking Metal that is?

Did someone say Detroit?: Lion-os!
Ran into a number of things that referenced “Detroit” today… here’s another one.  My disinterest in the Thundercats was strong enough to leave this behind….  


Keep Sake of San Japan 6: Beck (anime)
Took advantage of having a newly made friend point out some Anime’s I should consider adding to my collection.  Gabby recommended I check out an Anime that was well received called “Beck”.  All I had to do was turn it around and see a character atop a 1964 GS MKII Scooter.


I haven’t had a chance to throw it into the DVD player but plan to check it out tomorrow.  

Next Purchases: Kids on the Slope, Detroit Metal City, Nabari no Ou
So, I also learned a little bit about an Anime called Nabari no Ou largely in part because Gabby dressed as a character by the name of Yoite.


I openly admitted to not knowing who she was dressed up as…  I did however mention that she had a striking resemblance to Izzy Stradlin.  I didn’t explain who Izzy or who Guns n Roses were… but I did press her for details on why her character wore gloves that matched her hat.  Turns out she’s a Ninja in an Anime (Nabari no Ou) thats pretty bad ass.  After learning about the backdrop of the show - I asked her to tell me about another Animie so that I could watch this one without having it spoiled.

Witchcraft - Hands down… the best story of the day went down like this. After purchasing some DVD’s for our respective collection, we ran into my Sister and Niece and we began to make our way through the merchandise booths.  

I heard a crash, turned around and saw that Gabby’s camera hit the floor. I picked up the scattered batteries and helped her piece it all back together.  The trap door that keeps the batteries in place was acting up a little bit… but after some brute force on her part, she got it to close.  We walked a few booths and then I saw she had a concerned look on her face.

I asked if the camera was acting up… and she replied “I believe, witchcraft has occurred.”

She asked me if I remembered all the photos she took during the day… I nodded and then asked to see the phone.

She then says to me.  ”my photos are now missing.  they have been replaced with these”


I look up at her with complete befuddlement and ask - you’re telling me that you don’t know who this is?

She looks up at me and tells me “no”.   She then splits from the group… and I tell my sister what happened.

Her camera has 9 or so photos of an asian child that she’s never seen.  We begin to debate where and how a camera switch could have occurred and we couldn’t come up with anything.

I then looked my sister in the eyes and said… “Your friend Gabby said ‘Witchcraft’”

While that sentence sorta hung out in the air… Gabby resurfaced, only to tell us that she lost one of her brown gloves.

Earlier in the day, I met up with everyone at some tables they were eating some snacks.  I sat down and agreed to watch the table of stuff while people took bathroom breaks.

If there was ever a time in the day where the camera switch could have occurred - it was at that very moment.  

I immediately felt overwhelmed with guilt.  I wasn’t completely paying attention, but I would have noticed someone sitting down or grabbing/swapping something immediately in front of me.

After a few hours of trying to retrace the entire afternoon… it occurred to me that the camera had an internal flash memory.  I asked her to open the camera and confirm if her flash card maybe popped out when the camera fell.

She checked and sure enough… flash card popped out.  Photo’s she took all day were back and the suspicion of “Witchcraft” was eliminated from the equation.

Well… sorta.  I explained to her that I couldn’t really explain why someone took 9 photos of an Asian child.  

Pachinko - So I watched someone play this for nearly 10 straight minutes and I have no fucking idea how this works.  It was equal parts pinball / slot machine / noisy / colorful / confusing.

I don’t know if the guy won anything…  An animated character came out and in an aggressive voice - spouted off something.  The game sorta ends and a huge Desert Eagle gun comes down from the top left of the machine and it sorta implies (at least to me) that you were being executed in the head.