Album Appreciation Night : Kid A / by Rollie Agado

It’s been almost a week since I made it out to the Broadway 5050 to catch Chris Madden and Chuck Kerr kickstart what they’re calling their second season of album appreciation nights. 

Last year they put together a few nights where they covered albums by the like of Radiohead, David Bowie, The Flaming Lips and the Funeral… 

The year was supposed to end with the duo (and friends) taking on Neutral Milk Hotel’s  AIRPLANE OVER THE SEA but the holiday’s happened and showcase never happened.

Here’s a photo I took from the back of the crowded room…   The fine people at Miranda Studios has put out some video footage of the evening too.

Chuck Kerr & Chris Maddin Present: Radiohead “Kid A” Live (Part 2) from Miranda Studios SA on Vimeo.