After Two Weeks : Team Joker leads Team Ro Ro in Fantasy Reality: Rivals 2 / by Rollie Agado


A few weeks ago I mentioned participating in a Reality Fantasy League (rules can be found here) based on MTV’s TV show “The Challenge: Rivals 2”

Results of the draft can be seen here…

Those who follow the show will notice that my sister picked CT & Wes with the first pick of the draft.  If you ever find yourself with the first pick of a Fantasy Reality Draft…   I can’t stress how important it is to pick CT up.  

He’s what we like to call a Five Tool Player…

1.) He’s a physical specimen
2.) He’s promiscuous
3.) He’s emotional (read: borderline psychopath)
4.) He’s confrontational
5.) He’s a heavy drinker

If you find yourself playing Fantasy Reality with friends and have the first pick of the draft… do the right thing, draft CT.


CT - thrusting a SAW and cutting a wooden dowel while his teammate decides to quit on the challenge.  CT did this to showcase his poon slamming skills.  #beastmode

That said, here’s the top performers in week 2.

105 Points - Anastasia: Possibly the highest output we’ll see by an individual in one week… she helped close the gap between my team and my sister with this monster performance. Shame she got sent home so early.  
25 points for sex with CT.
25 points for physically assaulting CT.
10 points for her verbal argument with CT, all the while crying at the same time.
5 points for crying about CT and Diem to a fellow cast member
5 points for crying before the elimination challenge
35 points for receiving verbal disappointment from TJ (show host)

70 Points - CT: The man is a fucking beast.  Thru two weeks, he’s averaging 55 points per episode. They need to figure out a way to syndicate his persona onto other shows.  I’d watching Duck Dynasty if CT were on it…  Bad Girls Club should allow him to live in the Bad Girls Mansion.  Srsly, every show can be enhanced by having CT on it.
30 Points - for Physically/Verbally fighting with Frank
20 points - for Fraudulent denial of Sex with Anastasia
20 points - for intentional nudity (jumping into the pool naked)

50 Points - Frank: I know I made a big todo earlier about drafting CT with your first pick.  If you find yourself with the 2nd or 3rd pick of the draft… you need to consider picking up Frank.  He’s a five-tool-player and he can provide value to your team in ways that others can’t.  Example: He’s bisexual.  He’s also bipolar and will likely pick up 20 points every other episode for crying.  He’s also a defending champ on the Challenge, so he can go far…
30 points for verbally and physically getting into with CT
20 points for crying

30 points - Jordan & Sarah: these guys both got points for kissing and having sex in the Challenge Closet.  Big ups to Sarah for taking of her shirt before her make out session.  Veteran Make Out in the Closet Move!  Keep it classy kids.

-10 points - Derek: Wanted to point out that this is the first time we’ve had someone score negative points for a week this season.  Derek decided to wear a fellow teammates shirt to show support for them in the Elimination Challenge.  This is a no-no in our Fantasy Reality League.

Note: Jasmine & Jemmye made their own “Team Cooke” shirts… they’re off this week on a technicality.