50/50 / by Rollie Agado

Right behind the movie DRIVE , 50/50 may have been the only other movie I wanted to see in theaters when it was being screened last summer.

The movie was both enlightening and distracting enough to keep my mind off of other things going on with my family. 

Cancer claimed the life of my Uncle Ramon a few years ago but he lived on the other side of the world so I didn’t really see how it affected him and his immediate family.

It was my mother’s brother and I recall her saying how devastating it was to look stare into its beady black heartless fucking eyes.

50/50 in short is about a guy who has a 50% survival rate for a rare form of back cancer.  Along the way, he discovers who really loves him and what he really loves.

It’s heartwarming all the way through and recommend watching it for both the laughs and moments of the film that will give you pause to introspectively reexamine your “life”.

Fuck Cancer.

Movie 11/365