Finding Peace thru Softball / by Rollie Agado

Before things took an unexpected turn last week, I had committed to participating in a company Softball tournament.  An activity I genuinely loved participating in when I lived in Detroit...  but hadn't gone out of my way to get back into when I moved to San Antonio.

Stepped onto the diamond in what I believe was 13 years the other night and it felt amazing.  I couldn't believe how much I missed fielding ground balls, instructing people around me what to do and not do while at practice.  

Not entirely sure how I'm going to check my hyper-competitive-self tomorrow.  It kinda helps knowing going in that I'm taking the field with a group of people who are looking forward to having a good time.  I don't anticipate winning any of our scheduled games... I just hope we make it off the field without any major injuries.

hand in glove
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