2016 Playoffs: Spurs 106 - Memphis 74 / by Rollie Agado

2016 NBA Playoffs tipped-off over the weekend and the San Antonio Spurs confirmed what many of us already knew about the Western Conference after 82 regular season games.   The top 4 teams of the West should easily advance to the second round and that's where every team will likely face their first genuine tests over 6 or 7 game series.

The Memphis Grizzlies are simply not healthy enough to take on the Spurs...  in addition to the teams getting plenty of rest between games.  The Spurs have effectively showcased how they can manage player minutes and not really have to worry about how the starters when they're asked to show up for big games.

After seeing nearly all of their games this season, its all about how well their top 8 players perform or chip in when needed.  I'm really curious to see what the Spurs may try to do with offensive output from their back court.   Parker had a lot of contested drives to the basket and I believe he will be a liability as they get deeper into the playoffs.  Danny Green on the other hand only took one shot last night and he thankfully made it.  His struggles from the field have been well documented this season - but he needs to log more minutes in some of these blowouts to figure out his offensive contributions.

Top 3 Ballerz of the Night

  1. Kawhi logged 29 'active' minutes - pulling 20 points, 50% from behind the arc (3 of 6) and 4 steals.  Some of his early steals in the first half set the tone for the game and probably the series.
  2. LaMarcus pulled down 17 points as he continues to play though what I believe is a broken hand.
  3. Parker had an above average night tonight...  he's someone to keep an eye on tho'.  A lot of his drives to the basket were contested early.  The Spurs are shaky at gaurd.