Memorial Day/Random Observations from the Work Desk / by Rollie Agado

Salutations amigos...

If you're reading this from home today, there's a good chance that you're one of the many whom are excused from work duties today.   Memorial Day however is a "bizay" day for us in the world of Retail, so I'm at the office today - anchoring the I.T. desk at the home office.

My workday will likely consist of monitoring STORIS user account usage, SOP proof reading, Spotify streaming and occasional texts with Rhiannon who has been dispatched to one of our largest retail stores.

Today's biggest perk will come by way of a comp'd lunch... I'm pretty sure we're going to score pie from NY Pizza Pub.  I haven't heard anyone cast a vote for any other places, so I got that going for me.

As for random updates regarding "life"...

Things are going remarkably well on my end...  Last week was a little weird because I found myself adjusting to not being in the Bahamas.  I never thought of myself as  "beach/resort/getaway" kinda person, but I found myself longing for the sun & water in ways that I never imagined.

Couple that with returning to a busy week at the office and all I could keep telling myself was "this is nothing like the Bahamas last week".

We did however get to have some friends come into town for the weekend tho'.  Our plans of living it up however were up-ended because of Thunderstorms and Tornado warnings.

We did however get to have an amazing brunch at Tuckers and spend lots of quality time with Goddaughters and Nieces.