Game 21: Spurs 108 - Celtics 105 / by Rollie Agado

Spurs improved to 11 - 0 on Saturday night and sweep the Celtics on a 108 to 105 victory...  A game I actually tuned out on after three quarters so that I could focus on the two College Football games that were on Saturday night.   

I have a couple of quick take-aways from what I watched...   with roughly 5:30 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter the Spurs had 50 points.  Up to that point they were shooting 60% from the field and I wondered if they could score over 62 points in the first half.  The Spurs went on to only score another 8 points, ending the half with 58.  In my simple head, I always like to see the Spurs get at least 25 per quarter in the first half before they traditionally unpack it all in the 3rd.  I believe they had a lead get up to 17 points when I decided to alter the two television set up I had at home so I could watch both college games.   I was convinced they would simply put them away in the 4th.   Little did I know that the Celtics would drop 34 in the fourth and make it interesting...   I missed out on that last 12 minutes of basketball and I'm kinda kicking myself for it. 

Spurs and Celts on the little TV