Game 19: Spurs 95 - Bucks 70 / by Rollie Agado

San Antonio improved their home record to 10-0 after dispensing the Bucks last night...  A game that was a little hard for me to follow because of events that were unfolding on the News (San Bernardino Shooting)  It also didn't help that MTV brought back the Challenge last night also...

Ballerz of the Night

  1. TIm Duncan - 16 points, 10 rebounds 18 minutes

Game 19 Observations

The Spurs couldn't have had a better opponent to take on after losing to the Chicago Bulls...  The first line had their minutes reduced and the bench handled the task of winning the game.  The Spurs have a back to back against Memphis, so I'm curious to see if we may get to see some Boban tomorrow.