Game 10: Spurs 93 - Trail Blazers 80 / by Rollie Agado

So... I typed up a very lengthy recap that managed to get lost somehow...   I'm really not feeling up to getting all my thoughts out on paper again.  So tonights late - recap for Game 10 will be brief.

Game 10 Observations

Spurs finally played in their White Jerseys...

I'm of the opinion that the Spurs won (another) close game because of lucky (a.k.a. timely for those who drink the Kool Aid) shots and timely defense.   The Spurs nearly lead the entire game, but if it wasn't for Manu dumping 14 of this 17 points, the Spurs would have lost their first home game of the season.  I'm really curious to see how the team stacks up to better teams in the league. 

I need to make it a point to jot my thoughts right after the game too... i was really upset after watching the team have a shitty performance and I kinda wish I could channel that anger again.