Game 7: Spurs 106 - Kings 88 / by Rollie Agado

San Antonio Spurs traveled west on Monday night to take on the Sacramento Kings.  A game that tipped off just after 9:00pm central time but ended well after my bed time.  I kinda underestimated how hard it would be to stay up and watch them play these west cost games.  I zonked out somewhere in the third quarter... so my observations are gonna be a little limiting in this journal entry.

Top 5 Ballerz of the Night

meh.. I fell asleep and didn't see the Spurs complete the game so I feel like I can't really compile this accurately.  I looked at the box score this morning and it appears that the starting five all had good outings.  Kawhi went 10 for 13 and was 3 for 4 from beyond the arch for 24 points.  He did all of this in 32 minutes and he's not a ball hog.  I can't wait for him to drop 44 on someone very soon.

Game 7 Observations

The only observation I made last night was that the Kings are horrible...  that and there's a little uneasiness in seeing the tempo of basketball games get away from the Spurs.  If they can get their opponents to play at the pace they dictate, they can dispatch anyone in their path.  It the tempo picks up however... especially in the transition game - close games feel like a gamble. 

Oh and Boogie Cousins is a beast.  He's going to make a future franchise very happy.