Game 3: Spurs 95 - Celtics 87 / by Rollie Agado


  1. PG - Parker - 6 points
  2. SG - Green - 4 points 
  3. SF - Kawhi - 19 points
  4. PF - LaMarcus - Season High 24 points/14 Rebounds/6 assists
  5. C - Duncan - 7 points

Game 3 Observations

This game was tough to watch for a variety of reasons...  tip off was at 2:30 central, smack dab in the middle of NFL Sunday Action.  If I didn't commit to watching every game this season, I would have avoided tuning in all together.

LaMarcus killed it from the left side of the court.  He should get some good looks against the Knicks tomorrow

I was looking forward to seeing the Celtics today but they decided to shoot 35 of 98 (.357) from the field...  They completely stunk up the joint and allowed the Spurs to get away with a Win despite going 36 of 83 (.434) from the field.

The only highlight was seeing LaMarcus get a season high 24 points and 14 rebounds.  It was nice to see him become a focal point of the offensive end.  Manu and Diaw came up big off the bench, contributing a combined 23 points off the bench...

Spurs will have a back 2 back game tomorrow against Knicks tomorrow...  while no one had more than 35 minutes - you can't help but think how much Duncan/Parker will play in MSG.

A win is a win I guess...  the Spurs have now won 8 straight games against the Celtics.  A team that's pretty young and flushed with draft picks in 2016.  They also have a great Coach whose doing wonders with a roster full of B players.