Testing the limits of my fandom... / by Rollie Agado

Stop me if you've already heard this one.  You're an unapologetic fan of musical artist/band and you've gone to some silly extremes to completely have everything they have ever released on every conceivable format...  because it makes you feel inexplicably complete inside?

My love for the band BRAID, borders on 'unparalleled'.

  • Do I own all of their studio albums (on various formats)? [ 100% ]
  • Do I own all of their (sprawling) 7" releases? [ 90 % ]
  • Do I have a copy of "Killing a Camera"? [ YES.  Signed by the band on DVD ]

So now I catch wind that the band is planning to have their entire discography released on (wait for it) - Cassette on Polyvinyl Records in October.   Polyvinyl, added salt to the wounds by getting my favorite Screen Poster Artist (and former member of BRAID) Jay Ryan to do the artwork.

You get all of this for the price of $60.00.  You get to have one of 500 said box-sets on a format that I would never go out of my way to play...  I would simply keep it on my shelf, in hopes that another lifelong BRAID fan comes over so that I can rub their nose in it.

It's not the money...  I can go into a record store this evening, pick up 3 albums and drop over 60 bucks.  I can't seem to shake the feeling however that this commercial release of their back-catalog, is a desperate way to get late 30 somethings to complete something that was already fucking complete.

Stop finding ways to make me stop loving my favorite band.